Leaflet plugin to view height profile of GeoJSON- and GPX polylines using d3

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  1. What is this?
  2. How to use
  3. Setup development environment
  4. Customizing styles

What is this?

A Leaflet plugin to view an interactive height profile of polylines lines using d3. Currently Chrome, Firefox and IE 10+ are supported and tested. This plugin is under development.

Support for

Tested with Leaflet 0.4+

How to use

//all used options are the default values
var el = L.control.elevation({
    position: "topright",
    theme: "steelblue-theme", //default: lime-theme
    width: 600,
    height: 125,
    margins: {
        top: 10,
        right: 20,
        bottom: 30,
        left: 50
    useHeightIndicator: true, //if false a marker is drawn at map position
    interpolation: "linear", //see https://github.com/mbostock/d3/wiki/SVG-Shapes#wiki-area_interpolate
    hoverNumber: {
        decimalsX: 3, //decimals on distance (always in km)
        decimalsY: 0, //deciamls on height (always in m)
        formatter: undefined //custom formatter function may be injected
    xTicks: undefined, //number of ticks in x axis, calculated by default according to width
    yTicks: undefined, //number of ticks on y axis, calculated by default according to height
    collapsed: false    //collapsed mode, show chart on click or mouseover
    onEachFeature: el.addData.bind(el) //working on a better solution
var el = L.control.elevation();
var g=new L.GPX("./mytrack.gpx", {async: true});
// reset data and display

Setup development environment

If you are new to grunt please refer to the quick start guide.

Install npm dependencies with

npm install

Run jasmine tests with

grunt test

And compile with


Customizing styles

To generate different themes lessCSS is used. Create your own theme in a new .less file in src/css/themes. Usable variables are

@theme : lime-theme;
@base-color : #9CC222; //basecolor to derive other colors from
@highlight-color : #637E0B; //basecolor to derive selections from
@background : fade(@base-color,20%); //background-color 
@drag-color : fade(@highlight-color,40%); //drag selection color
@axis-color : darken(@base-color,20%); //color of axes
@stroke-color : darken(@base-color,40%); //color for mouse highlight
@stroke-width-mouse-focus : 1; //stroke width for mouse highlight
@stroke-width-height-focus: 2; //stroke width for height focus indicator
@stroke-width-axis : 2; //stroke width for axes;

Add the theme file to the less- and cssmin task in the Gruntfile and you´re good to go.